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Gundam SEED Yaoi!

Gundam Seed Yaoi Fanworks
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for boys love/yaoi fanworks related to the anime and manga series Gundam Seed, as well as the side story Gundam Seed Astray and the upcoming sequel, Gundam Seed Destiny. Boys love/yaoi = boy x boy relationships.

gundamseedyaoi is intended to be a sister community to gundamseed, not a rival. Please consider if cross-posting is really necessary.

What Goes Here?
  • fan fiction with any kind of boys love/yaoi content or "flavour" (it can include straight pairings as well)
  • fan art of the same genre
  • pairing discussion or fangirling of slashiness

    What DOESN'T Go Here?
  • flames!! repeat offenders will be banned. *roar*
  • character, pairing or author-bashing
  • spoilers, especially for Seed Destiny. this will be very difficult, so please try to label your fic/pic for "spoilers up to..."
  • general news or commentary on the anime or manga itself - that should go to the general community

    Other Rules
  • please label your posts for content (pairings if possible, yaoi-only or mix, etc.)
  • please label your posts for rating, especially NC-17/R18
  • please use lj-cut for all fics and artwork
  • please do not plagiarise other people's artwork or pictures, and do not direct link to any Japanese fan art websites.

    Any questions or problems, please contact your friendly moderator.
    this community was founded on july 14, 2004.